Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photobucket CATCHING UP

This is my attempt to catch you up on things other than school! LOL

Monday night was United Foods co-op. The truck broke down. This meant that it was a couple of hours late when I met the truck. That worked out fine. Bre was able to call and we had a fun conversation. Co-op went well. I'm still tweaking things to work for all. Thanks again, Heather and Niki, for your help with sorting.

Tuesday was a day of running here and there. Tuesday evening was PWOC Bible Study. Good STUFF. We talked about things that were redeemed in the Bible...then we talked about Jesus. We talked of how he met the conditions and fullfilled the duties to be our Kinsman/Redeemer. This is a really fun group. I KNOW I say that each and every year! BUT we have grown quite a bit in numbers, this makes for more varied discussions. A really cool thing God did for us this study is to bring a young bride into our midst whose family is from Israel....great new dimension. We really liked talking about "Bethlehem being stirred up" over the news of Naomi's return.

Wednesday - I've stayed home ALL day and worked on various projects that have to be done.

Mike is still at work - I think he'll be home around 7:30 and we'll visit a bit...then begin it all again tomorrow.

How are your fall schedules going? Mom are you adjusting o.k. to the new school year?

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Anonymous said...

Sis: So far into school I am keeping up and that is all. I have all the energy needed with this new med. but I am just off balance a bit and have to move slower and carefully!

Audra is now the high schools "Athletic Director" What a advancement for her and what a HUGE job at a school our size.

I am working all the home football games as either a ticket taker or seller. I HATE THE SELLING PART!!!

love the job. love/prayers Mom T