Saturday, February 14, 2009


What are the advantages of getting my own domain? It's cheap through blogger/google...$10 for a year. I see that it says I can add email, IM, calendar etc - but I already have all that.

If I change my blog to a domain name would all those who are linked to not2many.blogspot be automatically directed to the new domain? They say it will work that way. ::snort::

Why have some of you done this?

Why have some of you not done this?

Pros? Cons?

Being military and preparing for a move, I'm setting up the emails and such that will STAY when we leave wondering....if I bought this domain for $10 it sounds like I could also have our email addresses through THAT....why that instead of say a GMail account?

Tell me what you know, please. Choosing Joy is taken but I'm thinking of others that would work. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Hey. I like your comment option being so convenient!

I think it's called a re-route, where your old address would automatically go to your new one. That's why you can type in a business address, and even if it's off by just a .com or .org, that it'll go to the correct one. Some companies (families, churches, etc.) "own" a few addresses that all dump into one site.

I love gmail. It is free, very large storage space, and all the Google extras (including blogger) have been very key in our international communications with our board. Check it out!

Anonymous said...


Recent blog post: Domains?

Anonymous said...

Test - again - I seriously should not have tried this. LOL

Recent blog post: Domains?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I tried to set up comment Luv - which I love on other blogs....I lost all the comments - though they were supposed to integrate and then the form NEVER looked like it is supposed to.

Have any of you seen this feature on some blogs? You fill the form out, it shows your name and the title/link of the last post you've written....but on mine it didn't...and I could see on the dashboard say 15 comments but on the blog only read one.

If anyone on blogger figures it out - let me know. I went step by step through the written and video tutorials and finally removed js-kit template form my blog and went back to normal...all while you were unknowing of the trauma I experienced when all comments went away. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mel - I have gmail. I like it. I'm trying to figure out if I should get a domain too. LOL

After my comment luv experience the last few days (see above comment) I'm leery of anything that says "You'll lose no comments" or "it will all be interated". LOL

Yvonne said...

The only thing I think I'd be worried about is whether the template would be the same as in Blogger. Or would you have to learn HTML to put things where you want them?

I've been considering this as well, but haven't researched it yet.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hmmm....I should look into that, Yvonne. I'm thinking google and they run I suspected it woudln't affect blogger but I will ask.

all in the family said...

I have an opinon. When I set up my homeschoolforfree site I wanted people to remember it and it to be simple. You don't HAVE to change it unless you want to buy that name. For me If someone types in homeschooling for free I wanted my site to come up, and it does. You are ONLY transferring the name and that is it. The site is still owned and run by blogger so nothing will be affected concerning your templates, etc unless you change it. I also agree about gmail. I love it and have one. Another reason I love it (gmail) is bc I am very limited on juno on space and emails. Gmail has a much, much larger capacity.

Beth in GA