Monday, April 13, 2009

Taxes - bahumbug!

Taxes - filed! Early. ::snort::

Really, this whole mess of a tax code needs to be fixed. It is simply unfair...says the mother of a minor who owes taxes! I'm all for a flat tax....straight across the board...get rid of all the a flat tax on what you earned....get rid of hundreds of IRS jobs....

We're planning to attend a TEA party on the 15th.

Taxed Enough Already!

Choosing Joy!
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Michelle said...

We're attending a TEA party too. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Surprise, surprise there will be a pro President rally at the same time and place - wonder which one will get covered? ::snort::

I'm really ticked that our son got a job, worked hard for college, then because we HAD to claim him he ends up losing all the taxes he's paid all year AND owes $358....that is simply unfair. He is working because he can't get FAFSA due to our income....then they take more of his income...and he couldn't claim his college tuition either.....wrong, wrong, wrong. IF he hadn't worked, if we hadn't saved and worked....he'd get a nice chunk from uncle sam for college....Taxes should be aboout paying a percentage of your income to the government for the common good.....not about extra credit ifyou pay for day care, penalized if you saved the money you didn't give the government, reward for charity's social engeineering....and I'm TEA. LOL NOW how do I put all that on a poster for tomorrow????

Lois said...

And don't forget the Sec. of Treasury who owes taxes and to my knowledge hasn't paid them. BUT he's in charge of the whole treasury dept.

Yes, life isn't fair. My first taxes I owed in high school was $140 or so. I was crying, my dad was laughing at me for crying (in a loving way.) I emptied bed pans in a nursing home. Tell your son he'd better run for office. I'll vote for him.

Cynthia said...

Yep. It's definitely UNFAIR! I also don't like that those who saved are penalized by having to pay more in taxes than those who didn't spend their $$ wisely and then those of us who did save have to bail the rest out and be taxed even more to pay for their bail out! It's very irritating!

Darshia said...

My gh says, "Amen! If 10% is good enough for the God, it should be good enough for the govt." I agree.