Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Thursday Successfully Executed

First a was 33* this a.m. when I got in the car to go workout. It has been in the 30's most the day. This is COLD for down here....mainly because we don't have winter gear. ::snort:: I have been thinking all day how dreadfully cold it must be for friends in VT, NH, SD, NE, OH, NY, ME (Lisa - is that MAINE?). ::snort::

I was a bit late getting to the gym so only fit a 45 min workout in...but I showed up.

We got 90% of my plan done in school this a.m.

I went out to lunch with Amy. I met Amy at our local Rehab (speech therapy). We have a mutual friend and she had been reading this blog. She put the name together with the faces one day at Rehab. ::snort:: Amy was gracious to answer many of my Weight Watcher questions. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with FOOD. More about that some other time. I had a great time Amy. BTW I did a search for points of Tortilla Soup and it said 8 - I should have had the potato! ::snort::

Jamin was able to drive he and Jared to House of Faith today. I love the ease of having another driver in the house.

We had piano lessons. I worked on projects during this time.

Jared had a basketball game tonight. They won. He made baskets. I yelled - but not REAL loud's easier to yell loud when you aren't winning by 47 -8. I was so impressed with the tenacity of the team they played. Ummm....can you tell I like to root for the underdog? ::snort::

All but Jared are in bed. Mike will be home Saturday.

I've fallen down on my photographic duty - not one photo today.

WAIT - I did find one.....cute SACHSA Saint fans

Well.....this new routine has forced me to SET THE ALARM - something I've not done for years. I'm getting up earlier and earlier until I hit on a time that allows me an hour Tryst with Jesus, an hour to work out, time to fix and eat breakfast with the kids, shower and start school by 9:00 a.m. We don't really LIKE time schedules around here....but it's what I have to do until the routine is second nature.

All that to say that I'm TIRED and I'm going to go to bed, read a bit and fall asleep to the sounds of Red Green....not quite as great as Mike's snoring but a close second. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Herd Momma said...

I enjoyed lunch very much also. Hope I didn't talk your ear off. Good luck on te whole getting up early thing. I'm trying just 30 minutes early this morning. Sat down to check weather on the computer and update my blog. I should have known that was a mistake. I always get lost in others blogs. My alarm is obnoxious. Hope yours is kind of gentle waking.
oh,this is also my first comment that should show the Herd Momma name instead of Amy. We'll see!

Linda said...

I'm trying to add all those hours you need in the morning up, but my mind isn't computing! LOL! I get up at 5:45 with Greg. I don't WANT to get up that early, but I can't go back to sleep once my brain wakes up!

Anonymous said...


Getting up! Understand what you are saying. Years ago in the PI's I had to get up at 4am.... then it became a habit.... then it was part of fibro.... and now I just need the time in the morning to sit and read the Word without falling alseep.... if I ever quit working I hope I get a different hour to wake up like 10am as a habit. :):) love/prayers Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ok - here's the strange thing. For MONTHS I've been waking up at 5 or 6 a.m. NOW that I WANT to be up, I'm having a terrible time dragging out of bed.

I'm really, really trying to make a 5:30 a.m. start work - I don't want to bump it to 5 a.m. ::snort::

Shoot - may as well just stay up!

Linda said...

I know what you mean. My idea of a real treat would be to stay in bed all day in my pajamas and read! :)

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Funny, I have been waking up between 5-6:30 and I don't particularly want to be up that's cold! Can't win!!

Yes it's terribly cold in the north but I'm guessing even 30 feels extremely cold when you like in the south and aren't used to it. We are looking forward to a war up to the 20's and 30's in a coupe days.LOL

berrypatch said...

Yup ME is Maine & it's been VERY cold here lately - it was 22 below this AM & while it did manage to get above zero today it wasn't by much. I've been wearing layers for the past two days. Brrr!

I've been trying to get up early for months. I need to do a better job of it. I NEED that time.