Wednesday, January 13, 2010


More snow photos, because we've waited a long time for a real snow....4 1/2 years to be exact. ::snort::

From 2010-01-13
From 2010-01-13
While the family built a snow village, I risked frostbit fingers to get a few photos.
From 2010-01-13
From 2010-01-13
From 2010-01-13
Yep, I'll have to edit out the power lines in this photo. This is the tree that used to have vending machines under it while the subdivision was being built.
From 2010-01-13

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Great photography! I especially like #3 & #4. The sun trying to shine thru the trees with all the snow foreground is it!! love/prayers --- Mom T.

Linda said...

My children will be so jealous of all this snow!

Linda said...

my absolute favorite picture is the one of the "weak" sun through the trees with the AWESOME composition!

Becky said...

#3 is my favorite! Beautiful!

Debbie said...

Love the pictures and love the snow. Playing in the snow is one of the joys of winter!