Monday, April 19, 2010

Prayers for Jared etc

We're heading to the clinic in an hour for Jared to have his wisdom teeth removed.  Prayers for a smooth extraction and recovery are appreciated.

Yesterday was full. School. We're studying the early 1800's now and loving it. We've spent last week and this week looking at William Wilberforce! What a hero.

I was able to move the big "car tax event" from Tuesday to Friday, as I'll be busy with Jared today.

My laundry has not blown over for four days.

We spent a considerable amount of time looking for Michael's "Medal Dec" from GAFB. It would appear that it was lost somewhere between being awarded and showing up in Michael's official record. He goes up for a promotion board "soon", July, I think.  It's important to have it in there. I'm looking...not finding at this point, but diligently looking. This whole situation could be a matter for prayer too. One that God would have His will with the promotion board. Our heart is always to minister...we won't be crushed if our time in the military is over....but we want to know that GOD is the deciding factor and not heartburn from a promotion board. KWIM?  When Michael was promoted to Major, our Command Chaplain told me I was the most "unhappy looking" spouse he'd ever given the news too. I shared that we had a Plan B and Plan B looked very promising to me......Plan B still looks good, though I've come to love Plan A - the Military. LOL

I have been blessed to work with a wonderful group of local ladies as they plan their upcoming spring retreat. Specifically, Windy, has stepped in to handle many of the registration details. She is also graciously helping me however she can as I work to get details off my plate now that I'm the speaker. LOL 

I met with Twyla, our retreat supply guru, last night. We helped each other get a clear picture of what my session assistants will be responsible for and what supplies she will buy and organize. We topped it off with a quick trip to the BX to start looking for goodies.

Then it was time to pick up Jared and Arielle at chapel. They'd been to Human Video Team practice and then Cross Training (youth).
Since the day was going to be busy I made Nikujaga for lunch...and that worked well to have our main meal at noon. Again, the comment was made that it would be best with "all beef"...and again I explained that in Japan the meat is a condiment. The photo just doesn't do justice for how good this tastes.

Choosing Joy!
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Kim said...

I seem to have packed my recipe for nikujagu, so looked it up on your site the other day. Could't get thinly cut beef so tried it with already cooked roast beef. Not a winner. Maybe we will be back to chicken!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ewwww....Wow - no strips of meat in the grocery store? I wonder what it would be like with stew meat?

Kim said...

I actually tried it with stew meat once in Japan. Too terrible! I wonder if I used ground beef and we poured it all over rice. That might work. I'll try it and let you know!

Anonymous said...

PTL for those willing to help a bit. Praying today for Jared. Not a fun thing to have done but sure is nice in the future.

The food looks good to me.

Praying about promotion and your finding stuff.

Come join in our perpetual hunt for whatever. :):):)

l/p Mom T.

Krista said...

I just watched Amazing Grace...enjoy your study.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - stew meat WOULD be a bit thick....I bet a butcher could slice a roast real thin. Ground beef may be the perfect American answer.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Krista - Jared owns the movie. We love it. With Jareds love of Christ and interest in politics Wilberforce is a hit.

Anonymous said...

Praying for y'all.
School is going well here.
We've been going through various Reformational biographies this year, and we also like that story/movie you mentioned. Today's a lazy, rainy day, rare this spring. I'm encouraged by the increase of going-deeper-friendships w/i our PWOC and at our home church. It's like rain after a very long, dry spell. (spiritually, physically, relationally around here)

Thanks for sharing your lives with us. (Not "your" lives as in you having several LOL - I meant, "y'all's" lives! LOL)

That dish looks great! We eat a lot of the Japanese curry over rice and have developed a love for bulgogi as well (Korean).

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Good that the laundry hasn't been blowing away lately.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Melinda, so glad to hear that those relationships are forming. I need your Bolgogi and Curry recipes.....