Friday, May 07, 2010

February Giveaway Failure

I failed. I have the February giveaway items in my closet...but they never got mailed. Mike went to training, I was preparing for my 21 days of travel in March, then Michael deployed and we were finding our deployment legs...I simply didn't get the package mailed (and haven't mailed school books back to friends and/or Mother's Day gifts), it's so HARD for me to fit the extras into my days.

We are two months late - and it seems silly to send out goodies that may be stale. SO..... I had plans for March and April...but it's May. I can't think of much else until after our retreat...well I'm THINKING, but I fear follow through won't be there.

Please extend grace. Our Japanese Giveaways will begin again in June....I need space to breathe. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Who am I to complain. :):):) I have a chest full (on top) of stuff to send you, Mike, Nathaniel/Heather, the boys in Texas etc....... Hope to get it done this weekend or next week for sure.....

Love you and happy Mom's day up coming. l/p Mom T.

MamaArcher said...

Ah, the trips to the post office! I am actually a little at war with my post office but am not going to vent on your blog. *grin*

You need to just find a day with nothing else to do (or minimal amounts) and make it a point that if the only thing you accomplish is the post office, then it will be a good day!

I have found it hard to be motivated since my hubby deployed. I often have to just FORCE myself, not always an easy task to do!

I did want to ask, where you got your flat dad? That is a great idea! My children would love it and I bet hubby would get a kick out of it too!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


It took a bit of time and it is NICE - vinyl like material that comes rolled up. We planned to cut around it to make his SHAPE - but thought it would be sturdier this way - and that was a good option as I watch this get nicked and such.

We took it to the frame shop on base and they dry mounted it on foam board for us. They said the price we paid for that big of a photo was a good price.

Others have gotten a 11x14 and mounted it themselves....smaller and easier to carry around...but we do like the lifesize photo....he sits in the living room on a daily basis, sometimes in the dining room. LOL We thought it would be good for Stacia, but I think several of us older folks are enjoying it too.

Darshia said...


Last I knew, you're doing what you're called to do and being superwoman isn't one of them. Don't be hard on yourself.

Cynthia said...

I'm sure all understand. When I'm on a roll with giving away scrapbooking supplies, I would post the giveaway as I thought of it with a disclaimer that I would eventually mail the price, but no guarantee as to when (LOL) and no one seemed to mind >VBG>!