Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Week.....

Tuesday.....lunch with the Bible Study gals....great fun. An event where we kept our clothes on. Windy joined us. ::snort::  Several will be leaving for the states within weeks, so it was a great time to visit.

Today, we had a great day of school. I ordered more books. Stacia is feeling better. Zander now has a sore throat. Windy came over and we filled totes for the retreat. I ran to the yen store and bought a few things I needed for retreat sessions. I organized retreat session supplies.

Some supplies....

We are also in crunch time for regional WILD training. This is an event that involves ladies from the states coming out to Asia, the Asia board traveling to Seoul and Tokyo, and our local leaders traveling to one of those two destinations for sort of a training/retreat combo deal. That will be the first week of June.  As soon as approval is given, I'll be booking air and train tickets. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of connecting with our  new PWOC leaders this year.For a great blurb on ministry in the military check out Radically Transient Leadership. This is certainly not the model of leadership that civilian churches would foster - but God keeps blessing and it keeps working. LOL

Nolan and Jared set up the new grill....

We're waiting for burgers to burn....maybe they dont' burn in Japan. LOL  Remembering why we liked gas grills. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: Looks like you are getting everything in order. OF COURSE! What else beings as your are a Townsend/Goecker????

Praying and will keep praying for you.

Glad Stacia feels better and still praying for the rest of you.

Save a hamburger for us.

l/p Mom T.