Friday, August 06, 2010

Watshitachino karui koya (our light shed)

What a blessing to have a young man in residence who could take my thoughts and make them a reality.

Last weekend Arielle organized the youngers to help her clean out the playroom...during the winter/spring many things had "landed" there that didn't have a HOME there. ::snort::

This reminded me that it's bothered me to have all the bikes in the "play room" since we arrived. We went on a hunt. We finally found what we wanted at Sanwado.  It's a shed. Not a fancy or sturdy shed...but I see a lot of these around town and figure they must work. The small wooden ones are nearly $1,000.00.  This is a rental and we will move in 2 years. I bought light.

Jared agreed to put it together. I dreamed there would be room for garden tools, winter yard stuff and five bikes. We debated where to put it. Did we want to lose yard on the side or the back....and what about my view of the farmer's fields....but we knew we'd put the shed up.

Jared seemed surprised the instructions were all in Japanese. Once he adjusted he discovered the joy of being able to put it together however you want without nagging directions and warnings. ::snort:: 

We settled on this spot. Our farmer sold his horses. The white fence is the corner of our subdivision. Our landlord is supposed to take care of our yard - but weed eating and trimming is evidently not a part of the deal....and I've not found one to buy yet. We settled on this spot.  Jared began the magic of turning poles, ties and tarps into a shed. 

It's taking shape....Jared isn't so sure that this will hold what I want it to hold.  About this time one of the farmers came over. Through pantomime, broken English and even more broken Japanese it became apparent that he was suggesting Jared move the shed to the spot between our fence and his. He came over and took the weed eater and trimmed our entire yard for us. Not the neighbor's side...but hey...I figure this is still payback for the time the kids and Mike helped to dig his wife out of the snow when the snowplow deposited mounds of snow at the head of their road. Evidently, if you do something nice once - you're a friend for life....wonder if the same is true if you make a mistake. Hmmm.

Here it is.....and everything fit! I did leave Michael and Jared's bikes in the garage/playroom. I'm wondering if I dare try to install those big bike hooks in the ceiling? What do you think Michael? 

I'm so pleased at all the work the kids did to make the playroom "workable" again.... I like to just go look at our tarp shed or...."karuikoya".

Tidbit - learned last night that when writing Japanese words....they don't put spaces between the em all together...only use commas and periods.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

great job, Jared!


Linda said...

Good job, Jared! Do you think it'll blow over like the laundry rack? I guess the bikes will help hold it down! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I thought of wind too... maybe that's why the farmer so graciously suggested you put it between the fences? (Added support?()

Well done, Jared :D

(And why is my word verification "ablizerd"... a blizzard?!)

Linda said...

If you can get them, I highly suggest bicycle lifts instead of the hooks. I was able to install them just need to be able to find the joists and set the brackets in the right direction. But they are the BEST because you can easily lift the bikes with the ropes, and anchor the ropes on the wall!

Kristine said...

Perfect solution to clearing the playroom and storing the bikes and things outdoors! I love that Jared was able to build it sans directions. The brilliant minds of engineering-types always impress me!

And I want to add that your header pic of Stacia is beautiful!

Cynthia said...

I bet it feels nice to have the additional space in the house! Good job getting it all put together, Jared! I, too, hope it doesn't blow over! Is it anchored down some how?