Saturday, October 02, 2010

Takko Town Beef & Garlic Festival

Did you know that Takko Town is Japan's Garlic capitol?  Last night at the football game, the DJ family invited us to follow them out to Takko for a beef and garlic festival. I'll be belching garlic for a week. ::snort:: 

We knew we were getting close when we began to see Garlic people. 

The drive was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The memories are sweet. Takko beef is famous. These cows are pampered - spring water, massages etc. A big feature of this festival is the raw beef that you can purchase before hand and grill yakiniku style on grills. We didn't buy advance tickets....but this COW was slowly roasted over a spit....and we bought six containers worth for lunch. 

Jared was happy to run into several friends. Here he is with two other football players. ::snort:: 

The youngers made a new friend. 

New Taste Adventures - fried Oreos

Arielle wasn't so sure, but Nolan loved them. 

Cultural Dance Exchange

Choosing Joy!
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Fried Oreos? That just is not right.