Tuesday, December 21, 2010

School Bits

Bladder Bathroom, Saliva Coaster, Liver Gifts, Mouth Caves....we're going to leave it there.  Can you imagine? We set down to discover a "Digestive System Amusement Park."

Bags, jars and bowls of green, growing things.....in my KITCHEN. WHAT IS THIS? Ah - learning how various foods break down in the stomach....um so what is the tooth in a jar of soda for??????

Arielle and Nolan are working through Human Anatomy on their own. I debated about buying the Notebooking Journal. They love it.  I've informed them I want some warning and input when they hit the Reproductive System.

Zander, Stacia and I are working through Zoology 3 - Land Animals. I've not ordered a notebook kit for Zander yet....debating.  It's enough for now to try to get some sort of a routine established as our Oct and Nov were not typical.  Zander and Stacia were thrilled to get Christmas Greetings from Sam - of their phonics program. I couldn't understand all the words.

The Littles and I finished reading, The Hidden Jewel, about Amy Carmichael and Donhaevur Fellowship, by Dave and Neta Jackson. A good book.

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

We are nearly done with Zoology 1 w/notebooking journal. when I ordered this past summer there wasn't one for Zoology 3..... hooray my order has now been placed

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

The kids (13, 11) are really enjoying the journaling notebook over the "folder/notebook" things we've been doing - but I think Zander will prefer the folders. He's doing Zoology 3. They may not have the journals for them. We ordered them for the anatotmy book.

Anonymous said...

science is wonderful. loved it in school th4ese past few years.

;love/prayers - Mom T.