Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jared and Arielle went in to the base today with Michael. They'll have uninterrupted quiet to work on school. Jared likes to do this from time to time.

Arielle has small group this afternoon. Jared is meeting a couple of friends to play soccer this afternoon. I'm happy to let them go in with Michael.

Nolan, relishing his newly allowed time at home alone, stayed home.

I took Stacia and Zander to see the dentist. Zander was SURE he may die from it all - but it was much easier than last year. LOL He freaked Stacia out a bit....but she ended up doing just fine. I had no way to avoid her seeing Zander's appointment.

After the dentist Stacia asked if we could go get her another shot. It has been two weeks and I'd began hinting on Monday that it would be a good idea. We marched down for a shot...waited our 20 minutes to be sure she didn't have an initial reaction and then headed to.....

I would guess this is the reason for her begging to have another shot. LOL  We've spent a relaxing afternoon at home.....I've got a giant pot of spaghetti sauce simmering, we've done some school, I've answered emails and done some laundry.

Tonight I have a dinner to attend.

I feel much better having blogged TODAY...even if I'm still a bit behind. LOL

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Cynthia said...

We've gotten in the habit of taking Josh to DQ after each of his ortho adjustments...