Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green Smoothies

I've heard of these for years, but usually in the context of someone sharing how much they loved their Vitamix...somewhere along the line I assumed a "regular" blender wouldn't be able to make green smoothies. ::snort:: Windy shared how much they LOVED their smoothies. This surprised me as they were not previously veggie lovers. I shared that I wasn't going to buy a Vitamix to eat veggies. She shared tips to make them in my blender - and it worked. 

I heard not to use the same greens every day - so today we used a variety of lettuce. I think we like the spinach better...... But here you go. 

Put 1 C of water in blender, add 2 - 3 C of greens of your choice and blend for several minutes to make a smooth puree (I used less greens the first day so the kids would like the fruity taste) 

Assemble and add fruit - I used an orange, small pineapple, Greek yogurt, strawberries, 2 small bananas and frozen blueberries, flax seed, splash of vanilla and/or almond

I simply quarter oranges, peel them and throw them in 

Blend and stir for a few minutes until you like the consistency - you'll see this makes a purplish/brown shake as I added red and blue fruits....

She loves them and is getting a variety of greens in her diet. 

If you like it sweeter you could add dates or honey. You can leave out the yogurt, I like to add it so there is protein to balance the high carbs in a smoothie. I try to have sliced, frozen bananas on hand for smoothies as they make very smooth and creamy smoothies. I don't use ice, choosing to use frozen fruit instead. 

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