Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday Hospitality

We have lots of kids in our subdivision and in the neighboring subdivision. We are blessed to have many children who love to play on OUR street.  We've noted that parents are not often fact, I'd say I've only seen any adult outside twice in months.  As we've talked about this, Michael and I have become more convinced of the need for US to be outside playing with the kids....and interacting with them...showing them Jesus.  This is really hospitality too....... Saturday we played outside with kids....Jared and Michael participated in a rousing game of street ball....Stacia worked on a new skill (post to follow) and I cheered all on, yelled lots of encouraging words and took photos. The neighborhood kids really seem to like it when Michael and I come out too.....and we are thrilled to take one gal with us to youth group every week now.....I think as a direct result of this type of hospitality (inviting others inside our walls).

Choosing Joy!
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