Monday, October 10, 2011

Tanesashi and Shirahama

We took advantage of Columbus Day to go exploring in Northern Japan. The kids and I had been to Tanesashi Beach before. I knew Michael would LOVE it as it is so like the Northern California Coastline. We've not made it back since he got home...he loves Shipwreck and we've gone there or Momoishi most often. 

Today we took off. We decided to follow the "highway signs" rather than the ITT directions. Who would have guessed the highway signs (which were translated to English) would switch to only Japanese for the final turn off Route  19. We found a gentleman who escorted us from Hachinohe station back to Route 19.  We made it home just fine. Not sure which directions I would recommend to others. LOL  For US Hwy 338 and Route 19 are right out our back door and we didn't have to pay tolls. 

Yeah, he liked it! 

Right after a wave came up and got me as I perched "safely" over the tidal pool.

Shirohama Beach 

Doesn't this look like a tsunami about to overtake Nolan? About this time a siren went off. ::snort:: 

Directions - how WE did it:

Hwy 338 towards Hachinohe. 

Veer LEFT on to Hwy 19.  Follow this into the outskirts of Hachinohe (if you reach the trains station....)

Turn LEFT at the intersection which has a use car lot on the right hand side...with a BIG sign of a BUXOM American type woman with red hair...bridge goes over water. 

Turn LEFT at the light with a Honda dealer on a corner.

Go pass Pia Doa mall, follow the signs that say Tanesashi and Kabushima

Turn RIGHT where signs indicate and go about 1.2 k

Turn  LEFT at light - go 2.4 K

Follow signs and VEER LEFT at the Y like intersection.

Turn RIGHT at light (follow sign) - go 5.6 K until you reach a grassy beach with ice cream shops nearby.

This does NOT take you up the coastline...coming home we followed the coastline past Shirahama Beach and Kabushima  until we got back to Hwy 19 and knew our way....just keep heading North and you'll find the base.

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Laura said...

okay... your last photo and caption really got to me! Yowza! That photo did look eerie - and beautiful.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It was shocking to see it when I got home. LOL