Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cream of....substitute

Make a white sauce and substitute for "condensed cream of  soups" in recipes... (Making Chicken Divan tonight). 

3 T Butter 
4 T Flour
*1 C Milk (or 1/2 broth/1/2 milk)

Melt butter
Add flour
Whisk in milk, salt and pepper

Stir until thickens. 

*I think it tastes better with 1/2 chicken broth and 1/2 milk.....(which makes Cream of Chicken soup). 

* I hear you can make big batches and freeze - I've not done so.

*Add sauteed mushrooms, veggies, chicken, bouillon to vary the types of soup.

This will make about 1 C of thickened soup - so I'd use it for a can. Eyeball it. It's an art not a science. The above photo is a double recipe and substituted fairly well for "2 cans of cream of chicken soup".

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