Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Decades on yahoo groups, chat rooms, Facebook, blogging...and I finally have a real-life-stalker. This must be documented. It seems you can get messages from "friends" on Facebook and you get messages from "others" on Facebook. I'd never noticed this before last week and didn't realize how many messages I had in there. 

An older widower has worked hard to get his body back in shape and has found me on Facebook. He is a CAPTAIN in the Army - in charge of an Army Regiment. ::snort::  (Totally not the right phrasing - c'mon!)

He is desperately smitten with me as I'm a "darling widow" with a "happy and healthy demeanor."  And here I've been thinking I'm far to fluffy and need to shed some of this "healthy demeanor." 

Life only gets stranger as you enter middle age - and yes I think 48 is about middle age. We have no clue how I got listed as a darling widow and Michael assures me this new label doesn't fit. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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Kristine said...

I find this story highly entertaining, and I came back to see what comments people would write. But no one's commented?! I also googled his "key" phrases to see if anyone's posted similar messages from him--but nothing.

I wonder how he found you in the first place?

And that comment about 48 being middle aged? Ouch. You've really hurt me, lol.