Sunday, July 01, 2012

Finishing 1 July - which will post as 2 July

Bre is here!

Michael enjoyed visiting with Mom G.

The older boys caught up on life and discussed plans for their upcoming adventures.

Krista took the younger kids to the pools/rec areas at Kathy's community. Evidently there are wonderful water slides and fountains and frogs you can slide out of at this pool. They had a blast. Krista discovered Stacia is a daredevil (we knew this) as she tried all the big slides....she was "just" tall enough.

Michael has prayed and thought some more about the service tomorrow.

I was not along for the fun this afternoon - evening, therefore, there are no photos to share. LOL

Update on prayer request - Doctor has emailed she wants retests  before we return to Japan. She doesn't care if it's civilian or military - but finding a specialist who settles for Tri-care is difficult (y'all are in for some fun with national health care).  She is still not doing what Tri-care HERE says must be done....but tri-care THERE insists they need a name of a doctor from here first....HERE they insist we can't make appts etc until they have the referral....which comes first....chicken or the egg....continued prayers for the mystery of Tri-care to unravel are appreciated.

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

a little different... but I went to my military PCM a very short time ago for a referral to an ob/gyn. She had to refer me to a specific doctor - fortunately her office keeps a listing of tricare docs in different specialty areas.
and when Scott got referred for his sleep study - it was to a specific doc.

Janette said...

One of two reasons we moved to Kansas? To be close to a military hospital. We could not get one doctor in Flagstaff to take either of us using Tricare!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I can see the wisdom of living near a base if you need Tri-care providers. LOL

Still working the system...and frustrated that WE would have to work it rather than the tricare office in Misawa...but work it we are.