Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleeping Upgrade

It's nearly midnight at Haneda airport and we've moved up to a padded bench like structure! The last flight arrives in 30 min and then we'll see if they'll kick us out or let us sleep here until our flight tomorrow.

I did take Zander and we explored the rest of the airport. I found a "compact hotel" - pay by the hour, per if need be...we'll beg for a few bunks. No, there is not an USO at Haneda.

The flight was fine - once again we got the last two middle rows of the plane...makes it easy for bathroom runs. ::snort::  I kept thinking of the old Mark Lowry routine where he said he "put his tail on the tail of the plane" because in a crash the tail is always in piece in the midst of the wreckage. ::grin:: 

This is not the flight we'd book if we had been paying for it....because it requires hotels in Tokyo and those are simply too expensive per person for our family. LOL I figure sleeping in airports around the world builds character in the kids. ::snort::

HUMID in Tokyo....humid....wet and sticky. LOL 

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