Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrating the Gift Which is too Wonderful for Words!

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Cor 9:15.  Today we set apart the day as a family to celebrate and worship our indescribable, unspeakable, inexpressible, too wonderful for words gift!

Sitting around the living room and sharing what God's gift means to each of us was precious. We discussed  Jesus sacrificed for us and we are called to live as a living sacrifice in response (Romans 12:1). Then we allowed Stacia and Zander to open ONE GIFT.

This was followed with heartfelt popcorn prayer - as opposed to slow cooker prayers that go on and on for hours. ::snort::

Beware of the unintended traditions you are starting if you have a young family. Every year on Christmas Morning I would try to have fruit, cinnamon rolls, cereal, egg casseroles. A couple of years ago my Mom let me know the girls had brought our traditional cinnamon rolls to their Christmas morning breakfast. I thought, "Huh! I don't remember that being our tradition."  A few weeks ago Nolan began to remind me we needed cinnamon rolls for Christmas. Michael and I have talked. Neither of us remember this being a particular tradition - other than I'd make or we'd buy some from Cinabon, "If we remembered."  But the KIDS remember this isn't our tradition to have GRANOLA every Christmas's not our tradition to have FRUIT every Christmas IS OUR TRADITION TO HAVE CINNAMON ROLLS ON CHRISTMAS MORNING.  Since we have changed most our traditions in the past four years, we wanted to make this one work.  The problem arose when we FORGOT until Nolan mentioned last night, "Did you stop by Cinabon?"

This a.m. I was up bright and early seeing if I had the ingredients to make the famous cinnamon rolls I've not really baked since we lived in Hardin, MT (17 years ago).  I was not surprised I did NOT have whipping cream in the house...nor brown sugar. I discovered COCONUT CREAM works well.....and the rapadura was "ok"....I did have a bit of white sugar left from last year's Christmas baking...enough to make the filling..... It was worth the effort.

Everyone appreciated the rolls....well...nearly everyone....Yuuki got Stacia's shawl, wrapped up in it and pouted because she didn't get to eat breakfast with us.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

HI: OH! YES! the delicious rolls! We haven't had any such thing for a long time. CANDY, CHOCOLATE CANDY takes up my time these days..... that's why I don't keep such things in the house..... it all disappears within an hour or so.

SUGAR! guess you didn't have me in your house this last year. :):):) This year I pretty much have not ate or drank anything at home that needs sugar. :):):):) If I want something I want it the way I like it ....SO I JUST DON'T EAT OR DRINK THINGS ANYMORE (mostly) THAT NEEDS SUGER.. I'd rather go without than skip on the sugar. Glad I can easily go without. :):):)
NOW if I could just as easily give up food. :):):):):) love/prayers - mom t.