Friday, January 04, 2013

A Winter Day

Today is Jared's birthday on this side of the date line! Happy 19th birthday, son. A highlight of the day was an unexpected Skype from Jamin... Jared popped in for a bit, as well! 

Snow - lots of snow and more expected.  The neighborhood kids spent hours outside pulling each other around in the sled, building up the "sled hill," and starting the 2013 Snow Fort.... and when they were finally so cold they HAD to come inside.....Games and hot chocolate at the G's. 

Every little girl should have a BFF at this age...Stacia has been blessed with several. What a treat to have a friend right down the block. They created a secret handshake complete with a darling cheer. I videoed it, but I'm not sure I should post it. 

Older kids like games too. 

I baked bread for the first time in a year (they like English Muffins better) and discovered yeast really does have a shelf-life. They ate it anyway.

Dinner and a movie - Tin Tin - rounded out the day.

*Note there are now snow photos because I am dedicated to staying warm. ::grin:: I have contemplated ignoring the driving ban to go sit in the onsen or take the kids to the big sledding hill at Swan Park...but I behaved. 

Choosing Joy!
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