Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ode to Toshiba

My amazing husband tries to convince me every time I get a new computer  all will be fine, the learning curve will be short, I won't lose a thing....and usually I AM the one that loves change around here...but when it comes to technology...I like to use what I know. 

Alas...Toshiba has served me well. She's traveled several times to Korea, VA, TN, TX, WA, OR, Tokyo, Okinawa and more....She was my connection home when I was stranded away from all family during the tsunami of 2011....She's run videos and slides for conferences, training sessions, conference workshops.... I have gotten screens such as this one (and many more) for months and months. 
She crashes - often - like 8 - 10 times a day. I made more frequent use of our EHD.  I noticed it was crashing most often when I was using video or graphics....and so we removed the graphic card and dusted....and we limped along....she snaps and pops now before she dies....we moved from blue screens to black screens. The Donald, our computer master, broke the news to me - it would be silly to invest any more money into Toshiba....

Michael knows my heart beats for Apple. In fact, for a couple of years Toshiba wore an apple....he told me he'd get me a Mac and we went shopping. I can get 2x the computer for a third the cost...and so I now have Sony....

Sony has set by my desk for nearly two weeks. I finally got it (not a her yet) out of the box. How hard could this be? I'd just transfer the files from the EHD, set up Outlook again, download a zillion programs and be off....but see...Sony is possessed by pure the form of WINDOWS 8!  And THAT is what I've spent a ton of time doing this between ministry conference calls, international conference calls, and life.....I've been trying to set up Sony. Seriously how hard CAN it be to remember where the START button is????  I will say Sony doesn't die in the middle of a call and that is endearing....however....Skype "for Windows 8" is also of the evil one.

In fact....I'm blogging from Toshiba....because I've not gotten Picasa to work well on Sony yet....and I had to share these photos....of my dear friend, ministry and traveling partner these past 3.5 years. I am also still clunky on the new keyboard and I'm in a hurry.

Yes, Toshiba may not have been an Apple...but she was uniquely mine....and I'm not sure I can get the DUCK sticker to transfer...and it's a sure thing I'm not finding another over here.

What's a mom to do with love gifts from a 5 yo? Yes, this fish has traveled with me and graced Toshiba for a couple of years....
Alas, the time has come. We'll leave in the a.m. for two weeks of traveling. I cannot take my ipad and TWO laptops....I must choose...and I'm hoping to have  Sony ready to go - because one of these times when Toshiba snaps, crackles and pops she won't reboot.

Goodbye my friend. Hello my new friend. Please understand, I'm sure I'll come to love you and appreciate your strengths.

It is fitting this post was started on Toshiba with photos from her hard drive....and finished on Sony.....maybe the transition will be total - soon.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Sis: Aahhh! Sorry! I too hate new computer stuff. I have yet to ever learn everything I can do on any computer/laptop etc.

Now on the other hand....... you Goeckers amaze me. SO I know you will soon be on top of it all. From the sounds of it I am glad I did get windows 8,,,,,,, PTL
1 Have a great vacation. love/prayers - mom t.

Linda said...

My computer is snap, crackle, popping as well. I'm praying it'll last until this summer and Greg will have a better job by then. Don't know what we'd do before then!