Sunday, May 19, 2013

Luvin Japan ~ Swan Park

Trying to catch up! 

We totally LOVE all the parks here in Japan. The kids love them as they are places where a "kid can still get hurt" - in other words they still have a touch of adventure built into them....and yet no one has broken a bone at a park in four years. LOL  I love the relaxing aspects of nature built into the middle of the bustling towns and cities. 

Monday, we visited the park nearest our home...Swan Park. It is one of Jared's favorites. 

There is a geocache in this tower we have STILL not located! 

We had just enough time to run by Momoishi Beach before we needed to be home to play with Colton and Lawson. It has been SUCH a blessing to have this spot minutes from our house....We were happy to show Jared the rebuilding which has been completed since the Tsunami.

Jared MADE THE YOUNGERS DAY....when he told them he could jump over the channel...he took a running jump and at the last minute the edge gave way and he FACE PLANTED in the was we headed home. LOL We love having Jared home and plan to make the most of this day!

Choosing Joy!
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