Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Luvin Japan ~ Towada Horse Park

It is certainly helpful to have visited so many of the spots the family wanted in the "Luvin Japan" series this past week. ::wink::  You can either click the Misawa tab above or search the blog for more posts and directions to this spot. 

We enjoy driving out to this park and I was glad it was on Jared's bucket list for the week. This park has flowers, nature, views, play structures, horses, vending machines, a little restaurant, museum and a killer roller slide. We've spent many lazy afternoons out here. This is a great spot for sledding as well.

Stacia is as wary of the horse as the horse is of her! 

Roller slide upclose 

The trash talk is as fun as the slide

What seems to be the hold up? 

Trick mirrors 

  A little spider man action follows...and Stacia is convinced she looks like a mermaid in the above photo!

It cracked me up that Stacia KNEW Jared must be waiting for her on the top of the slide...so she didn't come out.... LOL 

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Anonymous said...

Sis: beautiful place. Seems like a family could spend an entire day just having fun. glad you got to go there for Jared. etc. lk/p mom t.