Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel Day

We did it. Out of the hotel and at the terminal by 0630. Poor Nolan got ill on the drive. Zander is sure the "clouds are moving in" and "this isn't good flying weather."  Another normal travel day for the Gherkins.

The gentleman at the counter didn't even LOOK at our paperwork or passports. He simply checked his computer and said, "You signed in 3 June." I KNOW that and I told them that yesterday so I'm not sure why they told me to be here early so they could check my paperwork. ::snort::  We have 2.5 hours before roll call to enjoy our breakfast, watch kid's shows in the family waiting room and catch up on FB and email.  Feeling pretty confident we'll make it on the flight home today. You can SEE the Osan AMC terminal is amazing compared to the mom and pop operation we have....but the customer service at Misawa is unsurpassed. There's something nice about the custom's guy saying, "Chaplain told us he hoped you'd be home today. Welcome back."

Turns out we were the last on the list - but there were empty seats on the plane - all's well. We met up with Andrea and kids at the Osan Terminal.  Andrea is on her way to AK (a 26 hour trip) with four kids after leaving her friends in Misawa and her husband for a year in Korea. That is strength. That is the military spouse....I was happy to have one last hug from Jonah and Anna - two of our PCOC kids this year.

We had just enough time to get through customs, say goodbye to Barney and Susan, drive the kids home and take Nolan back for a 3:00 p.m. doctor's appointment.  Now THAT was tight planning.   And it was tight packing to get us all into our van. We left with 3 suitcases and 5 carry-ons. We came home with six checked bags and carry-ons.  I will be mailing some stuff to our new home shortly.

We arrived home on the eve of an exercise. I thought I was gone the week of the exercise. Ah well.  We had dinner, spent some time sharing stories from our time apart with each other and called it an early night.

Choosing Joy!
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Debbie said...

Glad you all made it back home safely. You had quite an adventure in Korea.