Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grindstones and Albums

photo credit: Hjem via photopin cc
As a matter of fact it WAS another day with our noses firmly planted on the grindstone....our goal was to be as done as we can be when Michael goes back to work next week. Oh well. 

We are almost to the spot where we can't do more until the rest of our things arrive.  Another full day would do it. BUT tomorrow is Sunday and Michael is preaching. This week chapel fall programs are kicking I think it may take a week of partial days...and then our storage shipment will arrive and we'll be buried in boxes again. 

We CAN hang things on the walls in two bathrooms and three bedrooms. We may do that. 

The kitchen and family room are our beach head. They look great. Our room is coming together nicely. 

The books we need to start this school year are STILL in storage. I found out they will NOT arrive on the 20th - they will leave TX on the 20th. I need to resign myself to feeling "behind." This is simply life this year.  I would love the time to get the house "done," but the shelves, piano, hutch, garage shelves, appliances are coming at the same time the school books arrive. ::snort:: 

photo credit: Hjem via photopin cc
Some of you remember my Goodfellow Photo project. I spent lots of time taking all my childhood photos out of magnetic albums and putting them in safe albums. Those albums were lost. We went through every box that arrived in Japan and simply couldn't find them. It made me sick to lose all my childhood photos, dating photos, early family life.....we had talked about taking them with us rather than shipping them so they'd be safe. We assumed they'd been stolen with the van as they weren't in Japan. 

I tore the study apart today looking for a couple of missing boxes from our room. One would have some photos albums from 2000-2002.   A bit more back story is we took three years of  school with us when we went to Japan. We stored two years in a closet and kept one year out.....we used the boxes they were packed in from GAFB to store the school books. This has been handy as we can tell which boxes are from GAFB and which are from Japan...different size book boxes.  I found a box from Japan which said "master/ photo albums" and grabbed it. Sitting on top of it was a smaller box that said nothing but "photo albums" on it. It was taped and had never been unpacked. We opened the first box and it was the albums I was looking for from 2000.  I realized this box of photo albums was from GAFB and I began to hope...sure enough....the lost albums!!!! Photos from 1964-1988....the younger kids had great laughs seeing the elder gherkins as young uns......I think I'll be motivated now to finish 1988-1999 and 2002 - 2013.  I'm seriously thinking I will only do albums up until 2004. At that point we began blogging and the stories and photos are printed. All the photos are on hard drives.....

Still can't find the box from our room which would have wall art and my jewelry.....maybe tomorrow. 

Pssst...yes, I WAS too focused to take photos today! ::snort:: 
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Renee said...

So glad those were found

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! love/prayers - dad/mom t.

Cynthia said...

Ah I see now! Never mind my question up above. NOW, if only the album which was lost from the top of your van during one trip would show up, you'd be all set.. or did that one ever show up again? What a relief and I think your plan to only do albums up until your started blogging is a great idea!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I've never found that one. ::sigh::

Yes, there are so many stories and photos with the blog that we'll be good to go. LOL