Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Found Water

Our "fast ship" arrived today. This is 450 pounds of things we had kept to use until the last minute in Japan....Michael's bike, my electric hot water pot, our WOK, the laundry hamper, and the ceramics I bought in Korea. ::grin::

We decided to go explore a "pond" we caught sight of driving in from TX. The plan was to unpack the boxes when it was hot....we never  got back to unpacking. ::snort::

This gentleman told us he was fishing for salmon but they weren't running yet. SALMON? This is not a POND - this MUST be a river. We walked back up the boat landing and began to look for a better access to the river.

Stepping through the grape arbor was like stepping into another world. We found the river. I want to explore with the kayak. This is 4 miles from our home. It's not the ocean - but it IS water!

Arielle is not impressed with Yuuki's response to the water.....

We enjoyed a picnic, a talk and watching the younger ones attempt to fish with bits and pieces they found along the bank.

Michael took care of Yuuki's dirt problem

On the way back to the house we decided to go into town. We changed the oil in the van - twice! They used the wrong oil the first time.  We went to Lowes and bought window blinds.

I noted we had to be close to New Earth and Michael agreed to drive over to find it. YES....I was HAPPY to see the variety of things at this store. Due to prices I plan to continue to do most my shopping for staples via Vitacost....but I could buy yogurt made with almond milk, non-dairy ice cream, VEGENAISE and they had a selection of non-dairy cheese. I didn't buy any - but now I know it's there.

 Dinner was at home and was yummy....and afterwards we enjoyed our backyard....The girls did their nails, we played games, cooked s'mores over charcoal and sat in the hot tub. We talked about our favorite parts of the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow  BreAnne will go back to OR. She promises to be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The boys can't make it out - maybe they'll make New Years.

Choosing Joy!
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Wild Homeschool Family said...

That lake looks like a nice place to hang out. Fun pics of Yuuki.

Renee said...

Do you not have a commissary? Ours seems to have quite a variety of crunchy foods

Bittle Tree said...

Looks like a nice place to spend the day.

Anonymous said...

awesome! fun ahead and bet you all find a lot more fun things etc. l/p -- mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jodi - I DO think it's going to be a great spot for us to hang out. I can see nature walks when it gets a bit cooler....and water play for now...I will have to have MIchael check for snakes before we do too much playing. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee - the commissary here has much less crunchy than the one in Misawa...and we thought that was the end of the world. LOL

The commissary overall is small here. Our better bet will be to do most of our shopping off base and online. overall groceries are really not cheaper than Winco or Walmart and on base we have to add the 5% surcharge and tip....none of that off base. The drive is about the same regardless of where I shop.....but online saves time and gas as well. The commissary is just not the most cost-effective option at many of our assignments...it was GREAT for overseas.

Debbie said...

What a great river. Isn't always so nice to find water. So much fun and adventure when you are near the water. Loved the Yuuki pictures. We are building a bigger deck and a hot tub is high on my list of deck accessories. :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Debbie - I think we're going to love the spa. We've talked about it and thought we'd not be able to relax in it knowing all the work needed to do in the house...BUT it's turned out to be a great way to SIT with each other and talk. We will enjoy it for the next couple of years.

Cynthia said...

So nice to have a hottub! I hope we can have one again some day!
So glad Bre can make it for the upcoming holidays :)