Friday, October 04, 2013

All About Juggling

This was an interesting week of school. I have no clue HOW but we got a full week of school completed. 
It's all about juggling! 

Tuesday was snatched away with a long doctor's appointment. 

Wed was PWOC and more attempts at labs. 

Thursday was finally success with 7 vials drawn.....and great fun with the lab tech. I discerned that the furloughed civilian phlebotomists are usually the ones who draw the "big ones." He did fine. I talked him through it. LOL 

I had a migraine for three days of the week - and kept going until Thursday afternoon as I've not had a knock down migraine for 14 months and I didn't really get what was going on. 

By the grace of God the children kept moving on their independent work. I found snatches of times when my eyes focused enough to work on couch school. LOL 

Here are a few quick glimpses of the week: 

We continue studying the Middle Ages.  We finished King Arthur, read a few more biographies in Famous Men of the Middle Ages, focused on the lifestyle during the period and Charlemagne. 

The younger two are learning a variety of magic tricks and how to juggle. This will allow them to be period entertainers at the Medieval Feast we may throw....sometime....before we move past this period. LOL  It didn't take long before they grabbed costumes.  I let Stacia use scarves instead of rolled up socks - easier. 

We also discussed Coat of Arms and the younger were asked to create one....they both did more than one....but we laminated them and have bookmarks. (They do know their last name). 

Stacia's shows Gherkins and the cross. Zander's  has seven stars for each Gherkin, six jewels for each of us living at home (an extra for God) and a tree symbolizing the faith of the family. He informs me the scratchings on the left are his Japanese name????? All in all I was impressed at how well they picked out key features of what is important to our family. Way to go! 

The older two spent the week studying Charlemagne and reading about Roland in lit. I think Arielle is enjoying Movies as Lit more than her Lit of the Middle Ages.....

Arielle finished an application for a summer internship - and now we wait. 

We are moving into weekend mode. Nolan and I drove over to Papa Murphy's for dinner. That gave us just enough time for our Rhetoric discussions..... all in all a good week of school by and through  the GRACE of God. 

The migraine is easing up. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Wild Homeschool Family said...

We just finished king Arthur too!

Laura said...

Love their coat of arms. And great idea to laminate them!