Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Moving to Far West

My kids are TROOPERS! We left the house early to set up, teach and clean up at PWOC. Today was our last week and we had 2 new ladies - I love that. We've had new ladies nearly each week of study. All promise to be back in the fall. 

I met with Stephanie -  listened again to her heart and vision for upcoming Spiritual Life events. She blesses me each time we snatch moments just to share.  After hearing her heart, and the heart of Alex and Cheryl - CWOC gals - I'm excited. It's gonna be good! 

After a quick lunch, I grabbed Cynthia, the kids and a key to our new facility. For those who have missed it  - we are moving into an old school on base - in housing.  We headed over to CLEAN. Well the KIDS CLEANED a storage room for PWOC. Cynthia and I made rudimentary drawings of the buildings and mapped out what PWOC/CWOC  will need on a weekly basis. We really, REALLY want to work it out so the women aren't having to move tables and chairs each week. We needed to be sure we had a room for grown up or big kid RE on Sunday which  mommies  could meet in on Wed. If not, we'd have tiny chairs and tables and STILL be moving tables each week. It was a giant puzzle but I think we came close to getting it. We tried to take into account the needs of both parishes and various groups. Brighter minds than mine will wrestle with it from this point! 

We dropped Cynthia off at Foothills Chapel to continue her work day and the kids and I went to Valley Chapel and unloaded one of the PWOC closets. MY WORD. I am AMAZED at all the stuff in that closet. 

This would have taken me so much longer without the boys. They reached the TOP of the closet to pull down bins full of glass, they hauled it all to the van, and then unloaded it to this new home! They even helped me sort through bins. I need to empty the other closet and then really eyeball it all to get some organization going. 

Marveling at all that was in the closet and all the new SPACE.  Maybe I'll take more from the other closet over tomorrow.....or maybe not. 

We made many unique discoveries - these were my very favorite find! 

We had just enough time to grab dinner for the kids and make it to Family Bible Study. 

Moving to a new facility means all our facility requests for the year needed to be resubmitted and they'd like them ASAP. I did that bit of paperwork here at home and realized I'm exhausted. As I went to log volunteer hours, I realized I'd put in 8.5 hours today.....I'm too cranky to work full time. LOL

Not to fear I'm working diligently now so  I can pull back for a week or so in the near future. So much work to do before this old school can become our new parish home - but it will happen.

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Love you and your hard working kids. PTL you all are getting to use space in the school etc. God is good!

love the name 'closet' for that room. :):)

Bless you Sis and love/prayers + hugs mom t.