Saturday, September 27, 2014

Geocaching on the South Side Sutter Butte

Today is a beautiful day in Northern California - not hot and not cold.  As the weather cools down, we are looking forward to more outdoors activities.  We headed up to the Sutter Butte area. We were hoping to find an old Titan Missile site. We didn't find it, but we did find some geocaches, a nice local eatery, lots of orchards, and a good time.

No, we aren't obvious looking for geocaches out in the middle of nowhere. We think the owner of the cache drove by and waved and honked.

The countryside was fairly bleak - but there WERE green trees here and there...and it was fun to explore the world's shortest mountain range. LOL
OK can you SPOT the cache???? The brown can in focus. We hid it a bit better in the same area.
We should take stock in Blue was fun to see the almond and walnut groves

We headed towards the second cache. We began to see the skinniest horses we've ever seen, and then we saw THIS...the oddest looking donkey ..... LOL

While Michael, Arielle and Nolan explored one side of the road for the second cache...the younger ones, and I explored this yard.  My kind of place. In addition to the zebra, there were various antique farming implements in the yard, miniature bulls, miniature ponies....
Eye to eye with a llama
See the camel in the fence?

Maj General Freemont and his men camped here....
Major Chaplain Gherkin and his troops stopped here

 By this point in the day we wanted to find a picnic spot...and I was desperate for an outhouse....we didn't have much luck on either count....until we found LOVEY'S LANDING. This appears to be an RV residential community....with a restaurant. We stopped. I planned to get drinks to go and use the restroom, but all decided to eat in. The cook was hilarious! We heard his excitement when he received our order. "I love  orders like this. I never get big orders here." Yes, I can see that to be's in the middle of nowhere!  They say they are really busy during duck hunting season. They had no clue where we'd find the Titan Missile site. Our history buff schooled them on 1960's activities in their area.  The cook came out and put 70's music on for us.  The Bee Gees are stuck in my head - probably destined to be belted out at some inappropriate time in the near future...."cause we're living in a world of fools...." ::snort:: "

The other side of the buttes were prettier...loved all the orchards.

On the way back through Yuba City, we stopped and grabbed a retirement gift for tomorrow and some groceries so I can cook for tomorrow's potluck. I haven't figured out how we'll be two places at once yet. ::snort::  I do know, "We're living in a world of fools, tearing us down, when they all should let us belong to me...."

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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