Saturday, April 04, 2015

Adventures with John and Nadine

Each Chaplain is endorsed by a denomination to represent that denomination in the chaplaincy.  And each denomination has a person who oversees this process called an endorser. For most of Michael's career John has been his endorser.  He and his wife, Nadine, are just starting a four month trip to visit all the chaplains....and we get them this weekend.  We visited last night.

Today, we took them sightseeing - though it seems there is a lot of eating involved in sightseeing.  We stopped by the German POW cell block on base.

We went to the little town of Grass Valley and walked the streets. True to the norm the only store we entered was a candy store.

After a couple of false starts we found our way to Big A's - yummy freshly made root beer and giant burgers - even the veggie ones.
Our next stop was the Empire State Mine - where Stacia was happy to be our guide. She loves maps.

Wisteria tangled in Ponderosa Pine - very pretty

Arielle had just said she was waiting for Mr. Darcy
The reflecting pool

Bourne Family Cottage

Our final stop was the SR 71
Somewhere along the way we all decided it would be much more relaxing to eat here at our house tomorrow than to fight the crowds at a restaurant. This necessitated a trip to Walmart. We decided we needed a bit of an Easter Egg Hunt.

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