Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sweet Closure

God surrounded me with such a sweet group of women here at Beale AFB. Many of them belong to the PWOC (women's ministry at Chapel) and last night the leadership team (minus Mindee and Desiree who were missed) went to Roseville. They selected a vegan restaurant - is that cool or what? We all enjoyed our new taste sensations. ::wink::

The laughter was best of all - but the gift card to Kobe Japanese restaurant and the sweet card is wonderful as well.
This was the best photo - and I guess I just keep my mouth open a lt. LOL
Now that I know exactly where Bagan's is I can stop and get a vegan sandwich before the rest stop at Chick Fil A.

The evening was a wonderful closure to the year we've spent together.

Today also included a dental appointment for Nolan - not such sweet closure. ::snort::

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Anonymous said...

SIS: We are so proud of all the work you have done in PWOC. You are an awesome woman of God and folks just want to sit, listen and learn about the things of God etc. We love you totally and are excited to see just what the Lord is going to do next in your lives.

Whoever said a Christian life is dull, boring and no fun sure were wrong.

See you soon. love/prayers - mom t.