Saturday, May 09, 2015

Transcripts, Repairs and Snowmen

Saturday was FULL.....

It wouldn't be a trip without a bit of pre-trip repairs. Michael and the boys spent the day discovering why the front side siding of the Caboose is pulling loose and fixing it......It would seem someone discovered they'd cut the front piece too they simply adjusted their cutting and covered it with trim....this would also explain the water damage in the front closets. The men filled it, glued all the siding back on and put the trim back.

Meanwhile, back at home, it was finally time to take the Christmas wreath and snowmen down.....all but this one which Arielle said needs to keep bringing cheer until we move.
The girls and I spent the day talking with neighbors  and working on transcripts.  Our neighbor wants to buy our trailer if Michael decides to buy an RV - oy vey!

Inputting all the grades onto the transcript gave visible proof that Arielle is s stealth student. She'd completed courses I didn't even know she was taking. She went through the shelves and did courses all the others had requested from time to time.....a very full transcript....and a very impressive one as well. She has ONE .5 credit class that was not an A.....she has two more classes to finish but at this point her GPA is 3.96. I hate to award A's because I'm aware of the "Mommy grade" perception among non-homeschoolers.....but when the tests add up to 99 - they do.  The fact that her sisters graduated at the tip top of their class from the college she is applying too - may help to alleviate the perception of mommy grades. Honestly, she'll need to learn a new way of learning to excel in college....lecture and notes.....and she tends to fall asleep. LOL

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