Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deployment Messages

During Michael's last deployment to Afghanistan, the kids and I decided to send him a puzzle. He likes to do puzzles.  We chose a challenging puzzle. We added a personal touch by writing notes on the puzzle. We shipped it off and smiled when we thought of Michael putting the same puzzle together and finding our notes. (You should know that HE is the puzzle pro - but this was an act of love).

Michael loved the puzzle....he put it together...flipped it over and wrote us all notes...and mailed it back to this puzzle was purchased in Japan, traveled to Afghanistan, back to Japan, to CA and now will go into storage.
 We were surprised when we received the puzzle back. We put it together, read our notes and glue it together. We weren't sure which side to display - I've been looking for a double sided frame.  However, with the move coming....and everything in the house being either donated, stored or moving into the trailer...I knew something had to be done with the puzzle. We framed it in a poster frame. Arielle and I decided the letters from Michael should be displayed at this time.
The funny thing is that a couple of pieces have been missing....  In the course of sorting today we found this....I guess I'll un-frame it and add the found pieces. LOL


Unknown said...

That's great that you found the missing pieces!

Laura said...

Great story all around! And I will have to look at my photos from silver dollar city this past may. We were looking at this same puzzle picture, I think, and trying to spot the one worm? Does that seem right? I am on my phone now and can't see well...