Wednesday, July 15, 2015


One area I knew had to be downsized was my "PWOC t-shirt collection."  My friend Rose suggested making a quilt.  Arielle began making squares from my pile of t-shirts. We added in some other favorite t-shirts that are either showing wear or are too small: Nolan's shirt from climbing Mount Fuji (I need to find him another one), a PMOC t-shirt, a couple of squadron shirts...
Yuuki must be involved in all projects
 I've made quilts before - I just need to remember the next steps....Michael is mentioning a border. I need to think on this.  I feel much better making a quilt than donating our favorites or taking nothing by PWOC t-shirts to wear for our life in the trailer.
Michael began his first day of leave today. We are "supposed" to be flying to Japan tomorrow. Instead, we worked on a chart listing  aspects of living in various states. We made arrangements to get an estimate on needed water damage in the trailer.
We set a date to move Arielle to Oregon. The 23rd of July. This upcoming Sunday will be her last Sunday with us at Beale Chapel. While I listened to the kids Japanese lessons - I remembered. We googled and sure enough - there is a Japanese church in the town Arielle will be in. She is thrilled to attend.
Time is marching onward.

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