Sunday, August 16, 2015


Our home is emptying....three more Gherkins hit the highway today.

Krista's trunk is worth a picture. She and Arielle are storing many games until Nolan can collect them.
Krista, Arielle and Josiah get ready to leave
Arielle said it was on her bucket list to ride in a U Haul.

They will drive to Eugene, unload the truck and put BreZaak's thing in the garage and the girls' things in their new house, drive to Gma and Gpa T's and pick up stuff they've stored there, load Josiah's things back onto the truck and tomorrow he will drive on to Seattle. Where he'll have to heft furniture up three flights of stairs - no elevator.
Most went back to sleep after they left....I blogged, Jamin wrote
Zander's (Alex) finger is looking MUCH better this a.m. YES.
Our home is emptying in another room 
Living room...

Our goal is to have enough furniture to fill a modest home when we're ready for a stick and brick home. The love seat will be repaired and donated...but you see we have the step Tonsu from Japan, a couple of lamps and a couch left. We'll also have bedroom furniture.
I was glad our "family room" table fit in the kitchen..

After all woke, we went for Chinese food. We watched Tim Hawkins. We visited. We played Nintendo.  Michael left for another sleep study.

Tomorrow morning the remaining five family members will leave....and our home will be truly "empty" in the only way that matters much to me these days.

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Laura said...

Bittersweet. Thinking of you through all this transition.