Sunday, August 09, 2015

Farewell Sunday

It's a big day for us. Michael preached his last sermon as an Air Force chaplain.
We were happy to have Cole and Elise back. Clara is back too, but the only photo I got of her is  unflattering. I'll try again on Friday.
What a blessing it was to be here for Quentin's dedication. Desiree and her family have been champs as they faced surgery, chemo and pregnancy all at the same time.
Love this family.

The kids all got pillow cases signed by all the kids in the RE programs. Very fun.
I'm explaining who Jared (Gherkin #5) is...
 Michael is opening our gift from the service. "Off the Beaten Path." It's a perfect gift for us...and many wrote notes in it. Perfect. I can't wait to crack it open and get exploring.
How I love these ladies!
Nikki, Margaret and Maria

Desiree and Quentin
 I am glad Ashely made it home so we could say goodbye before we leave.
Me, Ashely and her kids
 We took a quick windshield tour of the base, stopped by the commissary and the WW2  POW Cell block.
Jared (Gherkin #5) and Larissa

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Anonymous said...

PTL for a mighty God! So glad to see a healthy baby and PTL for answered prayer. Will continue to pray for Blessings to this family period! l/p mom t.