Monday, August 10, 2015

Games and Battles

We discussed hiking today - but in the end - the first day of vacation should be about resting. Some of us ran to order a retirement cake and pick up birthday gifts for Stacia.  Michael went to the office. The rest of us hung out.....

Various games were played - I didn't get a picture of the traditional cut-throat Monopoly game. I still don't see the appeal of that game. LOL 
Epic Nerf Battle

When Michael arrived home we enjoyed dinner, some patio talk, more games and a long phone call with Cy (Gherkin #3).

I continue to work on getting photos documented and in albums. I'm now up to Jamin's birth (Gherkin #4 - 24 yo).  Michael reminded me Mom G is still working on photos at 87 and possibly I don't need them all done before we move into the trailer. We shall see.

Stacia's response to all the  photos is amusing. "WHY do you have all these?"

"Well....they were born before digital cameras were invented. There was no internet, so we had no blog. This was how we took photos and told stories. NOW....I blog and print which is why all YOUR photos are in printed books or on the computer. "


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