Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There's a Kayak in the Living Room!

Here's a sight we've never seen in our living room - a kayak. Michael and Nolan picked up the trailer from All Rite Repairs and brought it home. We unloaded all the stuff in it that we do not want to take on the road with us. This is stuff from the storage compartments which will need a bit more thoughtful processing. The plastic plates and thin pans were an easy call. The kayak takes up most of our only pass through storage and so it won't make the cut. Maybe we'll buy an inflatable boat.
 Michael and the boys took the trailer to Discount RV and Trailer Repair in North Highlands. They immediately inspected and gave him  a WRITTEN estimate! $1700-1900 (depends on if we can rebuild an AC). He said he can't guarantee it will be done until the 31st. To put this in context, we waited 3.5 weeks for an estimate from All Rite and never received one. When Michael showed up he was  told, "at least $4500." Who knows how long it would have taken to complete actual work? ::snort::

We are relieved  the trailer will be fixed. Obviously, we won't be able to load it before the movers arrive to pack our things for storage. We had hoped  if our favorite things didn't fit in the trailer, we could send them to storage. We clear our home on the 31st. We'd really hoped to have the trailer things out of the garage and into the trailer by the 30th at the latest.  Michael sees a second neurologist on the 31st...going to be a screaming busy day.  Praying he gets it done by the 28th (the Friday).

Gherkins made do - "When I was a kid, all we had to play with were wrapping paper tubes."
The watermelon experiment was almost a success this year....there are lots of little ones out there. This is the biggest. It really isn't as big as the photo makes it look. We will wait until the 30th and give it a shot. LOL


Renee said...

Can the kayak be strapped on the outside?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I don't know...still trying to figure out a place for 5 bikes so I think the Kayak is going to the girls'.

Anonymous said...

hope you can get it in....... will be lots of places to play with it most likely. l/p mom t.