Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Walk on the Beach

It is  usually cold, windy and/or raining along the Washington/Oregon/Northern California coastline. This is a truth we know well. We headed to the beach, after our lighthouse tour, armed with kites and sweatshirts.

Amazing! It was WARM. There was no wind at all. We walked and walked along the beach. First one way, and then the other, to the jetty. I logged 7 miles....the others were sure to be somewhere between 5 - 7 miles. I was devoted to WALKING, some were devoted to splashing, looking, collecting and learning.

Someone carved a "Raging Bull" out of driftwood....we thought the head looked a bit more like a horse than a bull, but we were enchanted.
Stacia and Nolan found quite a few sand dollars.

We walked up the beach to the jetty in time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

Unfortunately, "someone" needed to find a restroom as the sun dipped below the horizon. She and I headed off - Michael grabbed some great shots.

Meanwhile, we discovered a restroom - but we were a good mile away from where we thought we'd be. I was glad when Nolan found us and walked back to the start of the trail with us. The lighthouse came in handy as we KNEW we were under the lighthouse when we began. We waited at the trailhead for Alex and Michael to meet up with us.
It was a glorious day on the Washington Coast.

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Anonymous said...

such beautiful pictures of the sunset. I love beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Love when I get trees showing in them and etc.

So glad you are enjoying this time of your life no matter what.

Proud of you all. love/oprayers - mom t.