Saturday, November 28, 2015

Geocaching with the D's

We left the camp and headed to the bowling alley. The D family met us there.

This doesn't look like the  bowling alleys in your area?

It turns out the bowling alley was closed. We opted to go geocaching instead.  We split into male and female vehicles. The ride out to the spot for our searching to begin provided extra socializing time. ::grin::

We found to caches today.  We're aiming to hit 100 finds before the end of this year. We're at 98. We had a .61 mile walk to our first find of the day.
Stacia directed the gals
 The way we search is for each person to walk away from the find when they find it and say, "Found it." This allows others to continue searching until they find it themselves. Sometimes it works better than other times. ::wink::

The first small cache
The second find was off the road on the way back to the vehicles.
The search is on
I found a squirrel's cache 

2nd find - another small cache

The weather was perfect to be out hiking and searching.  Even Yuuki had a great day!
Look at those ears

This turned out better than bowling. We had lots of time to visit and being out in the weather was fantastic.  

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