Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Family Baby Blessing

*Photos with Baby Girl's current name selection are intentionally funky.

Sherri and I had talked about a surprise Baby Shower for the ladies in the family, but time was so short before they left for AZ that we didn't pull it off. As Michael and I continued talking, we decided we' like to shift the focus a bit. We would have a "family blessing" for Baby Girl - a time when we expressed our support for BreZaak, our thankfulness for this little blessing and blessed them with a few "things," as well as prayers.  The boys would be able to participate. We are blessed to be house-sitting for Will and Sherri and have plenty of room for the dinner.

I baked the cake, the girls decorated it - isn't that pinata the cutest? 

We put a "family dinner" on the family calendar and let all but BreZaak know the dinner would be a Baby Blessing.  I did worry just a bit they might not be able to make it as this is an incredibly busy week for them - they're moving to a 3 bdr apartment. No fears - they came.

It was great fun for Michael and I to work together on shower games and shopping. He even helped to melt candy for the "Name that Poop" game.
The decorations were in the living room and they camped in the dining room. We eventually got them moved to the living room where they saw the gifts and banner. It was great fun to introduce the male gherkins to the fun of a baby shower. ::snort::

Yes, we did play the clothespin game....some have very interesting ways of displaying their pins.
Izaak - our favorite Son in Law
A fun game I found online was "How Sweet It Is..." click for the free printable.  There are pregnancy related words on the left side and candy names on the right side of the paper. One must select the candy that goes best with the pregnancy relate word - i.e. "epidural and lifesaver".....

Serous considering going on

Elizabeth  - our niece

 Next, each person got to measure off a length of yarn that they thought would be the same circumference as Bre's Baby Bump.

I believe we're at 25 weeks

Jamin prepares to throw the yarn and yells, "Go long!" 

I had to compare Izaak's baby bump with Bre's

Bre holds the actual length - these three were closest

Nolan won by 1/2 inch
I nearly lost some men on this one. I explained we were looking for the Poop Expert as you know - babies bring a lot of poop. There were six diapers - filled with six fragrant offerings (melted candy). I told them they could look, smell and taste to guess the candy name.

You'll never view chocolate the same again

Jared - The men couldn't believe we'd be this gross



Zander got a kick out of this game

Arielle - Really mom? 

When in Rome....

Krista - the winner
Krista was our expert - with 5 of 6 diapers deciphered correctly. We decided this makes her the chief diaper changer for Baby Girl. It was ironic she and Arielle had filled a bag with baby essentials - the first being diaper ointment.

Aunt Stacia gave Baby Girl a hooded princess towel

The boys offered a Boppy Pillow which will match the nursery

 Grandpa Mike and Granna De will buy a glider when the perfect one is selected and made sure this little one will be appropriately attired for game days as well as supplying a few sweet books for her starter library (The Giving Tree and a Dr. Seuss).

Gma (GG) and Gpa Townsend, along with Krista gave Baby Girl a vintage bassinet.

 All was fun...but the highlight of the night was not the dinner, the games, the conversations or the was the prayers of blessing.....

 Oh - and the winner of the clothespin game? It was a tie between the two who avoided saying "Baby" the best all night long.

 Yes, we are truly grateful to God for blessing BreZaak with this new little life and for allowing us to share in the joy of the event. We KNOW the church will be throwing Bre a baby shower - but we simply needed to do something as well and the whole family won't be together again before the sweet darlin makes her arrival.


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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hard to believe the girls are old enough to have babies of their own.

Anonymous said...

Sis: you all did such a fun/perfect baby shower. It was so much fun. It will be a great day when this baby girl makes her appearance. love/prayers

berrypatch said...

Wonderful! Love the blessing focus. I still have the yarn from when I was pregnant with my first son (he's now 19) and we did the same yarn measuring game.