Thursday, May 26, 2016

Enjoying S'more Family Time

While the VA did take up much of your day yesterday (0745-1530), we did enjoy some family time. 

We knew where to find Bre and Bella and went on the search! Don't you love that little finger? "Now listen here, Gramps..." 

We stopped by Mom and Dads and scored some wood! Krista stopped by the campground in time to help Stacia with a plan. She's determined to learn to juggle. Yay! She's been using Bocce balls (hard - like Croquet balls)....Krista has taken classes with kids on juggling. She filled balloons with rice - much closer to a starter size, less painful, easier to toss....
We'll have to watch her when a circus is in town
 Michael and the kids decided to play Bocce while we waited for dinner. Yuuki placed herself right in the field - do you see the white and red balls? 

 Krista had to go home and take care of homework after dinner, but CoRielle, Gma, Gpa and Lorri all came by to share our campfire.

Yes, there were s'mores...and maybe I caught my blanket on fire a little. 

We haven't had a fire since we left Beale the end of March. We stayed outside and used all the wood....Stacia seems to have inherited my tendencies. 

It was a lovely day. 

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Anonymous said...

OH YES! Bella has the cutest expressions and that includes her finger. She is going to be so much fun to be around and to enjoy. Fire time is always fun and relaxing. lp mom t.