Thursday, May 19, 2016

Heading West Again

Sometime this afternoon, I shared, "One can make good time travelling west...the clock keeps turning back....been driving for 11 hours, but the clock shows 9 hours. The kids don't know it's been forever."  We went ahead and drove another couple of hours....through Texas.....

Through New Mexico 

Past where we expected to stop and on to Tucson, AZ. The day begin with rain in TX at 0600 and ended bright and sunny in AZ 13 hours later...

Each year Michael gives they kids one dollar for the first penny with the new year's date on it. The first to find one gets $5.  Nolan stepped out of the car and found a 2016 penny. He exchanged it with Michael for a dollar coin and 4 extra papers.

We printed and filled out some paperwork for Jamin and then went in search of a scanner. No luck. By this time we needed dinner and Burger Kings are ubiquitous on Air Force bases. The dining room was closed - it suited us better to go through the drive through and enjoy the patio anyway. LOL  In the end we faxed the info.

We completed a quick drive through the fabled DM Fam Camp...not sure we see what all the hoopla is about. Has to be the local area and not the Fam Camp. I'd much prefer Beale or Goodfellow's sites and locations.  Look closely and you can see the sagauro behind Micahel....the family outside our home for the evening.

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