Saturday, August 06, 2016

Seasons are Changing

Today was our one full day to get things done while in Eugene. We had determined we'd go through the school books in Mom and Dad's garage and pull out what we need for our upcoming school year. We have a  big tub of books for each school year.  During this year of storage, they stacked on each other and several have broken down.  Michael bought some monster shelves and they are nicely organized now.

The kids took the opportunity to go through their things in the trailer and leave anything they may want to keep, but not have with them. We are constantly going through things to donate or store - one thing I love about living in a small space.  A year ago, Stacia had just turned 10 and these HAD to move into the are happily waiting in Mom's attic for Stacia to  collect them at a later date. The season is changing, Stacia turns 11 in ten days. Our baby is growing up!

These too....

We also fit in time for a visit with Sherri, games and visiting with my folks....a good day. 

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