Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Who Would Have Guessed?

Road construction continues - and today, we got stuck! 

But what a beautiful spot to be stuck! LOL 

After a 30 minute wait we continued across the river, around the bend and to Mom G's home.   We had planned for the kids to take care of some odds and ends today.  They pulled out a rototiller so we could see what we need to do to get it functioning. They moved some brush - that sort of thing.

Michael spent the day in the River Room, editing a graduate paper for Krista. He had a first hand listen at how the days go inside the house. ::wink::

I took care of some basic house-keeping chores, helped look for a few lost items, began clearing another corner, puzzled over the "WHY" of a few organizational dilemmas and visited.

This is our lunch spot. We look forward to our lunch times....and shortly after lunch today we cut the kids loose to spend the afternoon on the river. The days have been beautiful. We're trying to balance (for the kids at least) the need to get as much as possible done while the weather is good, and the desire to spend time exploring during summer break.

Mom G pondered today, "Who would have guessed God would give me a daughter in law with organizational gifts?"

Who indeed? I love the way God looked ahead and knew we'd need each other at this point in life.

Mom G tends to be a collector and I've become more of a minimalist over the years - especially now that I live in 268.5 square feet.  I AM still sentimental and we DO have a storage unit of things from which we couldn't part....but it's minimal. Enough to set up a tiny home should we decide to leave the road.

Today, I marveled at how God put us together....and how well it's working out...I'm learning anew that the race is as important as the finish line. I have had to adjust my pace to Mom G's - or I've chosen to do so. I can see our inside projects are  not going to be done before we begin school at the end of the month....but that's o.k.  I could have gotten more done; but the price isn't one I want to pay. I'll concentrate on each day and trust eventually, we'll finish, make the progress that others would like to see.


Deja said...

There is so much beauty in this post!yes the days are long and physically demanding, but the sweetness of your relationship with Mom G... So precious. You all are honoring her and it's such a testimony to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

that's my girl etc. God bless you 5.