Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Tree is DOWN

There once was a giant cork elm which had taken over a significant part of Mom G's yard. It sent feeder trees throughout the land. It disrupted the neighbors fence. It also provided Mom lots of privacy.  She wanted it down. The boys and Michael have worked throughout the summer and fall. It was really TALL and thick.  There was much contemplation and discussion amongst us all and the neighbor across the fence about how to bring it down without taking out a shed or roof or some other such landmark. 

The tree is down! The final section has been felled, cut up and stacked with the rest of a growing wood pile in the upper garage! 

Good job guys! 

Stacia and I took care of some inside jobs....we cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets, did a load of laundry, vacuumed as best we could, collected garbage and recycling, while Mom G showered.

We also nailed down travel plans for our upcoming trips.  I will drive Mom to Eugene in her car when we leave.  She'll spend the rest of the month with Rebecca and we will pick her up and bring her back home after Michael's appointments the end of the month. 

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