Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Did Not See That Coming!

For a time, we lived in an old house on Harold St. in Portland, OR. BreAnne and Krista were our only children, but Josiah was on the way. It was during August, and we were out in the yard enjoying the day.

I do not remember how it got started, but Bre was three and Krista was one and just barely walking. Bre had a squirt gun, and I had a squirt bottle. It was enough for a water fight. With our backs turned to her, Bre snuck up behind us and squirted us with her squirt gun. I wheeled around with my squirt bottle to return fire, and Bre would scamper away out of range out of my superior firepower, and all of us would laugh including the neighbor's across the street. Then we would turn our backs again, and the game would continue. During all this of this, Krista did her best to steer clear of the fight.

This went on for three or four iterations when we noted the neighbors were laughing AND pointing.
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De'Etta and I both heard Bre sneaking up on us so I was preparing to return fire. When I guessed she was about five feet away, I spun around to take up the fight only to discover that BreAnne had changed the game. When we spun around we were greeted by the full fury of the garden hose. She got tired of the meager output of her squirt gun. Before we could do anything, our three year old drenched us. She, next, turned her arsenal on her one year old sister, Krista.  We did not see that coming.  The neighbors laughed. We laughed as we ran out of range. We had no choice but concede the fight. We were completely outgunned and outsmarted by our three year old.

We learned to never underestimate that little girl or any of our children - ever. 

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