Friday, January 27, 2017

Krista's Off ~ #WYFF

This past month has been a blur. Part of the blur resulted from me spending the past week at the hospital and at Mom's house following her breast cancer surgery.

I have the easy task....I waited and read while Mom (and Will) underwent surgery. I waited and visited with hospital guests while Michael schooled the younger Gherkins, fixed meals,  and helped Krista.....Helped Krista?  She sold her last few things, cleaned her house, got out of the house and spent her final night with "us". Bre and Bella and Arielle joined them. They celebrated with dinner, stories and ice cream.
All the photos have wacky eyes! 
Then,  Krista was gone. The reality hit as I drove home from Mom and Dad's, past the Barger exit. I find myself wanting to stop for a visit each time we pass Barger. Michael confesses the same. We miss her.
Krista and Arielle
I posted this on Facebook  Friday.  Well - today Krista  is off. I shamelessly stole this photo from sentiments shared by Arielle. She is traveling to Mexico and will help to build another orphanage for Imuris Kids Kingdom. In May she will travel from Mexico to AL (I think) for COT - Commissioned Officer's Training and then I believe it's on to Chaplain Candidates school and possibly a short assignment as a chaplain candidate, before she is back here in August to pick up her few storage items and travel to Lynchburg, VA to finish her MDiv in residence.

 I'm going to MISS having Krista in the same town. Her sense of adventure and family is a huge blessing to us. Her heart for people and community blesses wherever she goes. As Arielle, said....thank you for your help to her as she made all the first "adulting" transitions. Thanks for your long talks, help to Dad and I, investment in our younger set, and letting us be a part of your grand adventures! We are proud of your obedience to follow God step by step. While it isn't all crystal clear at this point - we all trust in the One who leads you. We will miss you! Go get em baby girl!

While I posted on Facebook - the Gherkins did this. 

God speed, Krista!

“The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deut 31:8

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