Thursday, August 03, 2017

Final Walk Through!

We drove in to Anchorage today to deliver a check to Yukon Title company. We are hoping to be able to close and record (get our key) on the same day. This is not the norm up here with most title companies. 

When  we finished at the bank/title company, we picked Josiah up for lunch. We noted a Great Harvest bakery and Michael kindly made the stop. 

Bella visiting Gramps and Gemma

Today was our final walk through before closing. We have been so eager to get in. We have a lot of work to do and want to get started.  We are hoping the same day recording goes through so we have this weekend to paint and unload our storage unit. Stacia checking out the trampoline. It turns out it goes to the ground. We've asked them come get it and a few others things we found around.

Anyone want to guess as to what this plant and berry is? 

I asked about the following of Facebook and am putting the thoughts here so I don't forget. 
Mountain Ash 

Cows Parsnip/Pushki/Poison Parsnip

 JaRissa came out for dinner. It was a CRAZY day and Izaak volunteered to make tacos. We set up the table and enjoyed the nice weather. Michael and I left shortly after dinner to go buy paint.
Note where Yuuki has positioned herself

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